Did your pets mess up your carpet?


Pets are our best friends. However, pets are known for their unexpected accidents. This leaves us with foul odors and unwanted stains that leave the house looking unkept and unhealthy to live. To help you restore health and cleanness in your home, this article is geared towards assisting you with cleaning your pet’s mess from your carpet.

Removing carpet stains and odors made by your pets is possible. However, it is dependent on your ability to respond swiftly and use the right approach for your carpet. To get you on the right track here is how to clean pet stains and odors from your carpet.

Pick up any Solid Waste: If the stain is because of feces or vomits, try to remove as much as possible from the surface of the carpet.

Absorb The Liquid: Use a towel (disposable towel preferably) to absorb as much liquid as possible. 

Blot with Warm Water: Once done absorbing the liquid waste, use a damp towel and dab stained surface gently. Do this repeatedly but avoid getting the carpet too wet.

Apply an Enzymatic Cleaner: If the stain is not too large, you can use a spray cleaner and a towel to finish the cleaning process. However, for larger stain areas, combining a carpet cleaning machine and a compatible enzymatic cleaner would be a better choice.

Alternatively, you can use common household cleaners like Vinegar and baking soda in the absence of an enzymatic cleaner.

Hire a professional Pet Stain Cleaner if the stain or odors remains.

It is true that achieving the perfect results by cleaning yourself can be both energy and time-consuming. Even at this, you might still end up with a below par result because although some stains are visible, others can only be seen using high-intensity U.V black lights

Since you don’t have the right tools, cleaning agents or techniques to ensure proper cleaning and treatment, handing over this cleaning needs will help save time while guaranteeing results.

Look no further because your cleaning Hero “Quick Nick” is here to help!

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