Is your carpet embarrassingly dirty? How to Clean & Maintain Your Carpets 


Carpet serves as the perfect habitat for dirt and bacteria, setting the tone for an unhealthy place to live if proper care is not given. So, how do you combat this? Through appropriate, regular and effective carpet cleaning approach.

Failing to pay proper attention to your carpet will result in accumulated dirt which doesn’t just stain the carpet but also tend to result in damages that in turn cut short the lifespan of your carpet.

To clean your carpet and improve its lifespan, follow the tips below for a dirt-free carpet that is sure to stay at its prime for longer.

Make use of Doormats: This is a straightforward tactic that is often neglected. Using coarse doormats both in and outside will help reduce the amount of soil that gets on your carpet while making your cleaning process a lot easier.

You can use a coarse-surfaced mat outside while you use a water-absorbent material on the inside to prevent the carpet from getting wet because of wet shoes.

Vacuum Regularly: You see, just like your upholstery, carpets also absorb dirt with ease. Therefore, you should develop a regular cleaning culture that encourages you to vacuum your carpet regularly.

This will not just help you keep your carpet clean but will also improve the air quality of your home and improve the lifespan of your carpet.

Vacuum Effectively: There is a vast difference between vacuuming regularly and doing it the right way. Achieving the right vacuum speed in certain areas of the home will go a long way at delivering the right results.

You should vacuum slowly to cover as much dirt as possible as this allows you to go as deep as possible, reaching even the ground-in dirt excellently.

Hire a Professional: You see, the last point above can be a bit complex to achieve, especially if you are looking to get this over with as soon as possible. By hiring the service of a professional Carpet cleaner, you can relax while the work is done for you, with a higher success rate.

A professional will use proven result-driven cleaning approach will help extract hidden bacteria while ensuring the tiniest of dirt is reached to restore a clean look while extending your carpet’s life and improving overall health within your home.

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