Five Ways to Improve the Lifespan of your Rug

You probably purchased one of the most stylish rugs, and you fell in love with its design and texture. You love this rug so much that you want it to last a lifetime if possible. We understand this feeling and thus created this article to give some advice on the best ways to extend the lifespan of that unique rug. From keeping a clean home and quick cleaning of spills to ensuring you vacuum occasionally, there are lots of precautions and things to keep in mind when looking to prevent shredding, wrinkles and extend the life of your rug.

Here are five things to keep in Mind if you want to improve the lifespan of your Rug

Keep a Clean Home: This is the most fundamental piece of information you need. To keep your rug alive and healthy for a long time, you must develop the culture of keeping your home clean always. This is because rugs can absorb both dirt and foul odor easily. So, you want to clean up after your pets and once the visitors leave – if they made any dirt or spills.

Clean Spills as Soon as Possible: Still in line with the “keeping a clean home,” You should make sure to blot any spill immediately. This should be done with a clean cloth, and you should repeat the process until the fabric is no longer stained. Avoid rubbing the stain as it will only push the spilled liquid into the rug’s fibers.

Protect from Moths: Moths may seem harmless. However, they tend to lay eggs at the dark areas of your rug, and these lavas are what eats up the pile. To avoid this, you should rotate your rug often or expose it to light regularly. You can also treat your rugs several times during the year for proper prevention.

Vacuum your Rug: You should endeavor to vacuum your rugs at least once a week. While at it, you should also clean the underside to get rid of grounded dirt too.

NOTE: When using a vacuum for your rug, always use an Upholstery attachment.

Hire a Professional to help you Clean: At least once a year, it is crucial to invest in the service of a professional cleaner for your rugs. This will help you reach the tiniest details of your rug while restoring its fresh and vibrant look.


Maintaining the quality of your rug is dependent on your commitment to cleaning it regularly. By doing this, you get to prevent potential damages while maintaining its texture for years to come.

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