Professional Carpet Cleaning

Are you looking for an affordable carpet cleaning company that you can trust? We have built a reputation for honest quality work that is apparent in every job we complete.

Our state of the art truck mounted units and our special cleaning process will take care of the deep-rooted debris, stubborn spills, animal waste or microscopic allergens that you can’t see. Using the cleaning power of hot water extraction will help bring back the color and extend the life of your carpet. Unlike other companies, our steam is pure water with no added chemicals which allows safety for your family and pets.

With our advanced cleaning equipment and professional teams, we deliver high-quality cleaning solutions at the most competitive rates. To know more about our truck mount carpet cleaning services, availability, and pricing structure – talk to our support team.

Contact us today, to schedule an appointment for our professional, affordable cleaning services!

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Professional Rug Cleaning

Area rugs complete a rooms appeal by adding warmth, color and texture.
However, they too are exposed to dirt, dust, and heavy foot traffic.
Replacing your area rugs can be very expensive but cleaning them doesn’t
have to cost you a fortune. Call us Today to restore your rug’s natural state
of beauty and freshness.

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Professional Tile Cleaning

Wage war on grit, grime and stains! Over time, layers of grime will gradually build up on your tile and grout. As a result, your tile and grout will become darker or discolored. Cleaning it yourself can be a very strenuous task. Hiring a professional will ensure that your grout is consistent in color across the entire floors.

Unlike other companies, we do NOT use ACID based solutions as they can cause damage to your furniture and appliances. We use products that are effective, gentle and safe for your flooring and environment. We pretreat, scrub, and then extract using our powerful rotary machines. Please watch the Tile and grout video to get a good idea of how its done right!

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstered furniture provides comfort and adds character to your home’s interior. However, that too will accumulate dust, crumbs, and hairs. When it’s time for a thorough cleaning avoid doing it yourself; because this can result in damage or water stains that are difficult to remove later. To protect your investment, have it done professionally!

Upholstery fabric is often made from a variety of synthetic to natural materials. Our experienced team starts off by analyzing your upholstered furniture, then chooses the correct cleaning method; which is followed by a safe pretreatment and hot water extraction. Watch our video and call us Today for a free estimate!

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Click Here to See Before and After Pictures

Pet Stain and Odor Treatment

We like to consider pets as our “Best Friends.” However, our furry friends can leave a lot of odors and stains that will need professional treatment. This not only will help ensure the longevity of your carpet but a cleaner and healthier environment for your family. Some stains are visible and others can only be seen using high-intensity black lights. Our trained technicians will locate the spots and offer you the most effective treatment available at our disposal. Beware of store-bought stain removers that can do more damage than good.

Our pet treatment will help neutralize and eliminate the stains and odors embedded in the carpet fibers. However, some stains may be permanent due to their age and chemical composition.