Pet Stain and Odor Treatment

We like to consider pets as our “Best Friends.” However, our furry friends can leave a lot of odors and stains that will need professional treatment. This not only will help ensure the longevity of your carpet but a cleaner and healthier environment for your family. Some stains are visible and others can only be seen using high-intensity U.V lights. Our trained technicians will locate the spots and offer you the most effective treatment available at our disposal. Beware of store-bought stain removers that can do more damage than good.

Before & After Gallery

Our pet treatment will help neutralize and eliminate the stains and odors embedded in the carpet fibers. However, some stains may be permanent due to their age and chemical composition.


Dan Stewart

Thank you for a great job. Nick was very helpful in getting the work done on a timely basis. Went out of his way to help move furniture made several trips and calls to see if everything was cleaned.
Thank hanks again.

lisa Hinchy

Nick has done my rugs for years. Always pleasant n prompt. The work gets done above standards. Love the extractions of dust, dirt, grime n dog hairs. My stairs always whip up nicely. Let dry throughly is the key. Thumbs up

Brandi Montgomery

We’ve been working with Nick for several years. Professional, amazing customer service and fantastic work! We live in Missouri City and he travels all way down. We appreciate it Nick! Thank you!

Glenis Martinez

Quick Nick is a company that I would definitely recommend to anyone hands down!. We had adopted 2 puppies and had ALOT of pets stains. We got 5 rooms cleaned and the carpet looks brand new! Best part was that the dry time was a lot faster then expected....

Lauri Leonard

After huge disappointing experience with Oops Steam Cleaning we sent them on their way because the $130 quote over the phone turned into a $400+ quote. We had to get our carpets cleaned for the holidays. We found Quick Nick on YELP.....

Megan L

Nick is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what my carpets needed to get them fresh and clean! Highly recommend. He was fast and efficient and my carpets look and smell brand new!